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Dr. Donald Human, M.D. – Medical Director

Dr. Human is a long time resident of Arizona with ancestry to the earlier Arizona pioneers. He attended schools in the west valley for several years before transferring to Brigham Young University to finish his degree in microbiology and pre-med studies. After extensive training at the University of Maryland, he completed his residency at Maryland General Hospital in Baltimore.

After residency, the doctor entered full time practice of Emergency Medicine in which he is Board Certified. To expand his interest in sports medicine, he worked as the assistant to Brigham Young University’s team physician, Dr. Brent Pratley an orthopedic surgeon, during the Jim McMahon and Steve Young era.

Dr. Human continues to practice Emergency medicine and is a group physician at Mountain Vista Hospital in East Mesa. He has been a director of several hospital emergency departments over his more than 29 years in practice.

The doctor enjoys an active lifestyle and loves to travel. As a result he has visited many exotic places around the globe. He is an avid golfer is spite of being an arthritis sufferer himself. In fact, it is his own arthritis issues that inspired his mission to help other sufferers through his involvement with The Soar Clinic and other medical affiliations.

Dr. Human has completed countless joint aspirations and injections as part of his sports medicine practice and in many Emergency departments. He lends his expert touch and medical procedural knowledge to help others with the treatment protocols offered through Scottsdale Joint & Spine.


Dr. Evelyn T. Guilford, D.C. – Clinic Director

Dr. Evelyn T. Guilford is an Arizona Board certified Chiropractic Physician and Physiotherapist. She has also earned certifications in pediatric adjusting and the Webster technique for pregnancy. She has opened many successful practices in Marietta and Norcross, GA, Chattanooga, TN, as well as Carefree and Scottsdale, AZ.

Dr. Guilford has integrated her skills from years of research with professional athletes resulting in her signature BODY BALANCING SYSTEMS. To compliment traditional chiropractic care, she also employs State of the Art Nutrition along with the “Neuro Emotional Technique”, the connection of emotions with pain patterns of the body. Dr. Guilford has been helping to free her patients from pain in the Scottsdale/Carefree areas since 2003 after she moved here from the state of Georgia. She is able to effectively personalize her care to each patient’s needs.

Additionally, Dr. Guilford has worked extensively with geriatric patients, both as a health care provider and health care advocate. She utilizes her experience in patient care, understanding each individual’s unique needs. Depending on the patient’s needs, Dr. Guilford often collaborates with other health care providers and/or therapists to ensure continuity of care. Dr. Guilford makes it her top priority to get patients the necessary health care they need in a timely fashion.


Dr. Stacey M. Davis, D.C., L.M.T.

Dr. Stacey M. Davis is Arizona Board Certified in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. She has a unique approach to patient care which utilizes methods found in Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitative Massage.

This approach is based on the years of teaching the relationships between structural and muscular function to licensed massage therapists nationwide. Her techniques for dysfunctional muscle patterns have proven effective for patients suffering with:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Post-surgical Symptoms
  • Accidents
  • Sports Onjuries
  • Work Related Stress

Dr. Davis provides a whole body approach through evaluation and personalized guidance with each individual patient.

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