Having Back Pain?

One of the most common pain related issues we see is low back pain. There are many reasons your back may be hurting and even more ways to hurt your back, but what matters most is reducing the pain and fixing it so you can get back to what matters most to you.

Your back consists of many elements:

  • Your spine, which has 24 vertebrae with discs in between each one
  • 77 muscles working in tandem to help you move in all types of directions
  • and most importantly, 2 different types of nerves:
    • Afferent nerves, which are a specific type of nerve that tells your brain what is happening to your body, such as “This Phoenix pavement is hot!”
    • Efferent nerves, which are a specific type of nerve that lets your brain tell your body what to do (start digestion) or how to move (lift your left leg and put it in front of your right).

You and your spine are a living, working machine!

And like a machine, any one of these items can get misaligned, over stretched, inflamed, or just plain out of whack, which, more often than not, can be the cause of the pain you may be feeling right now.

The pain you feel is a signal to your brain that something is wrong, and a chiropractor can help!

Chiropractors are doctors who are trained to diagnose and treat back pain by manipulating the spine or other joints in your body to reduce the pressure on the nerve, muscles, tendons, or ligaments so that relief and healing can start.

Your pain didn’t start overnight.

Give yourself time to heal. The pain you feel now could be the result of months or years of wear and tear. It may take a few weeks of treatment for healing to take place. Still, with your first treatment, you could find instant relief. Come in for a consultation and to discuss how you could finally be pain free.

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