Reducing Acid in Coffee

Cut the acid out of your coffee. Simple trick

Posted by Lisa Garofalo Bastian on Sunday, February 28, 2016


Transcript: Hello, this is Lisa Bastian in the kitchen with more helpful hints.

We all know how important it is to remain more alkaline than acidic, but our diet simply does not allow for it.

We have so much acidic food and so many acidic beverages in our society, when we eat and drink.

But I have a real great helpful hint that I want to share with you today.

My favorite beverage on the planet is coffee! I love coffee!

And coffee is so acidic that after 2 cups I can get an upset stomach.

But I want to show you a little secret to that.

I just brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and I’m going to take an alkaline strip to show you the pH level of how acidic coffee can be.


If it was more green, green meaning alkaline, the lighter the color the pH strip means the more acidic.


Now I’m going to take Baking Soda. Now this is Sodium Bicarbonate, I always use an aluminum free baking soda. My favorite is

always Bob’s Red Mill. I just love his product, he does a great job with everything.

So in the morning I take one pinch, and a small pinch, see, of sodium bicarbonate, stir it up.

Now I’m going to take another pH strip, you saw it just a second ago I put it in there,

Watch what happens. Look at that beautiful green!

I just neutralized the acid in my coffee, and I made this now, a more alkaline product.

Well I do milk in my coffee, we all know milk is a protein, so milk is obviously going to be more acidic.

So I take creamer.

Put a little cream in my coffee. Actually a lot of cream in my coffee.

Take the next pH strip, dip it in here and look what happens.

It remained alkaline, the shades went down just a little bit, But look at the difference.

We just took an acid based coffee, and we neutralized it.

Isn’t that amazing?

Pretty cool stuff, huh!